Tim, A fox is wanting a significant other that will make life more bearable to live in a world with bullies, gossip girls, and a complacent, judgmental society. But will relationship offer true peace of mind to him? Contains drama, some action, just life exaggerated slightly.FML and FTW is an experimental sonic style anthro comic that is not mobius based. There are no references to anything, well occasionally a few video games.

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October 18th, 2016, 4:18 am

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Reply Meleeman, October 18th, 2016, 4:28 am

End of updates till next season. Hey guys. so we've hit the end of this season. thank you for staying with as long as you have. and hopefully next year will be a good one for FML-FTW. some of my viewers are also from my local area in wichita, so if You guys want to see me in person and talk to me about stuff or hang out, I'll be there in the summer time, most likely bringing my work with me.

currently college is almost done, and once I finish college, I will head for an online coding camp and then apply for web design jobs. hopefully I won't have to spend my whole life writing code. I love doing this even if it comes out of my pocket. plus some goals after that will be moving closer to my girlfriend. yes I have one of those now. It has been the result of pulling me from my work a bit. I won't let it get too bad though. as always thank you for your patronage to my site, and as the years go by I can produce more and more comics for your viewing pleasure. until next time friends. august 23, 2017

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