Tim, A fox is wanting a significant other that will make life more bearable to live in a world with bullies, gossip girls, and a complacent, judgmental society. But will relationship offer true peace of mind to him? Contains drama, some action, just life exaggerated slightly.FML and FTW is an experimental sonic style anthro comic that is not mobius based. There are no references to anything, well occasionally a few video games.

July 7th, 2012, 12:12 am

Worked on the site alittle bit.

So yes I finished fixing the character page. I had to organize massive amounts of code, because the easy way wasn't working and it was frustrating, but I managed to have a clean working character page, and another affiliate added to the affiliates page as well as an updated banner, for AnthroKai. The new affiliate is called Supreme. go to my Affiliates webpage to find out more about that.

the comic itself is being developed rather slowly. I've sort of lost my ambition to work on the comic currently. maybe it's the fact I've never had much fun time due to my job that ended. well now that everyone on xbox is being boring, and I'm bored of xbox, I'm going to be looking for inspiration. For the first time in a long time I actually read someone else's comic in full. luckily I had fun reading it. I just wish I couldv'e come up with something just as original.

I've realized a flaw in my comic design process and I'm working on fixing the mistake I made so it will take a while to work on the backgrounds digitally. I've been so frustrated i worked on penciling in the next page. over all the next update will be within july hopefully. but then again you can't really count on it.

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