Tim, A fox is wanting a significant other that will make life more bearable to live in a world with bullies, gossip girls, and a complacent, judgmental society. But will relationship offer true peace of mind to him? Contains drama, some action, just life exaggerated slightly.FML and FTW is an experimental sonic style anthro comic that is not mobius based. There are no references to anything, well occasionally a few video games.

July 16th, 2013, 1:39 am

no comic this friday.

so much is happening. My family is having issues and were all trying to cope with it. I got a job interview for a gas station wed. and I'm working at my local Fair in the evenings. I need to write the comic on monday, which didn't happen. and I'm also depressed that A girl who told me she liked me now won't talk to me and says that it wouldn't work between us. My life has gotten quite dramatic. much like the comic will be soon. I hope I can finish this someday.

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