Tim, A fox is wanting a significant other that will make life more bearable to live in a world with bullies, gossip girls, and a complacent, judgmental society. But will relationship offer true peace of mind to him? Contains drama, some action, just life exaggerated slightly.FML and FTW is an experimental sonic style anthro comic that is not mobius based. There are no references to anything, well occasionally a few video games.

July 17th, 2014, 4:18 pm

I am back... Sort of.

So my computer is fixed, and now it's a piece of crap compared to what I could get for the same price. I'm going to college and for half the summer I have been solving issues with that on top of writing a beginning for the actual comic. I'm close to finishing it fortunately, I am finishing up a winter arc that leads up to the beginning of the current comic which takes place in spring.

with a month gone by already, I am struggling to come up with a 50 page update. my time management skills are horrible. but I will continue this comic, even though I will be going to college and my time will be cut short again.

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